Indian Elections Euphoria

Hello Folks,

Hope you are all doing great. Now that the euphoria of the Indian elections has died down, people can now get back to their normal lives. Incidentally, the one good thing about the recent political situation in India was that it actually brought back into life my IIT KGP mailing list. Boy! – people came back to life with their political views – whether Sonia should be PM or not, why she gave up the position etc, economic reforms blah blah … to be honest, it was great to get back in touch with all my Dept mates :). Anyway, its great to know that we will be having our most educated PM ever – thats really cool. Now, if someone can keep Laloo in check, we will be better off ;-).

The last week has not been really very good for me – i hurt my back while cleaning up the house last weekend and so had to walk with a constant pain throughout the week. Its much better now – thanks to Advil, Iodex, Ice Pack and the wonderful relief named Susmita ;-). One positive thing about being ill or injured is that you are definitely going to get pampered – ha ha !

Even in spite of being injured, I managed to drag Susmita to the cinema hall last weekend to watch Main Hoon Na – well, Shah Rukh has done these types of roles so many times. Yet, he does it again and somehow, people don’t seem to mind it too much. He has really mastered the art of entertainment. O yeah, this movie is being heavily promoted here – it didn’t release in the normal ‘Hindi’ theatres … it was released in the normal American Theatres. So, in one hall you have Troy and in the other you have ‘Main Hoon Na’ !!!

Chalo, thats it from here – you guys take care and don’t ‘bend your back’ too much to do anything ;-).



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