Snaps of the India Trip

Hope everyone is doing great and gearing up for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Incidentally, if anyone is interested, there are still tickets available for the Olympics – its a sad state of affairs compared to the spectacular Sydney Olympics 4 years ago. The duel of Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps in Swimming is definitely going to be fascinating. The other sport that I am interested in is the marathon – it will be a joy to see these guys running ! [I shall be posting another Blog with my predictions for India’s performance for the Olympics, later on during the week]

I was reading a recent survey by Price Water house Coopers, where they said that India was likely to win 10 medals ! – I think, the report is horribly wrong. I doubt it seriously even if they can win a single medal. Another sorry state of affairs indeed.

Anyway, its been quite sunny and pleasant out here. Time to go out and do some outdoor activities. We are trying to organize a picnic towards the end of the month – lets see how that goes. We saw Dev yesterday – I thought, the confrontation of Om Puri and Amitabh was simply fantastic. Wonder, why they haven’t acted together too much !

I managed to upload the India snaps here – take a look at them whenever you guys have the time.

Till then,