Book reading experience – Fast & Furious

Today, we had gone to Barnes & Nobles bookstore where Susmita had to buy a really ‘core’ technical book about I64 bit architecture and the Linux Kernel. Looking at the book, one cannot say that Susmita is going for her MBA – that looks more like a PhD in Computer Science book to me πŸ™‚ – anyway, she loves technical stuff and ‘me just ish too non technicaal amigo – hee hee hee’.

Anyway, during the time when Susmita was reading the book and figuring out what she wanted, I managed to safely escape to the ‘Management/Marketing’ book segment. There is this book called ‘Who moved my Cheese’ by Spencer Johnson, a very well-known author of management books. This book has been the talk of the town and well, as every publisher would like you to know, it is indeed a best-seller.

So, I took upon the opportunity to read this book, with a rather strange and curious title. Believe it or not, once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down. The book is good because it tells you the simple concepts in life through the means of a story. [I won’t reveal the story, else you would never read the book]. It is short and sweet and best of all, I read it at a fast and furious pace and so, I managed to complete the book in 45 minutes. During that time, Susmita had finished evaluating the book that she wanted and we both were happy.

That brings up an interesting point regarding bookstores. In USA, the bookstores are huge in size and they encourage you to come to the bookstores and “read” books and not only buy books. In fact, they have a built-in cafe, which serves coffee and sandwiches, just in case you feel tired and hungry after reading. There are tables and chairs for the academic minded too – specially useful for people preparing for a career entrance exams such as GRE, GMAT etc. That begs the question – when can we see something like this coming to India ? – I think a concept such as this would be useful, because a lot of people in India cannot afford to buy books, but they are definitely willing to learn. Again, it is not that once you start giving away these services, the sales are going to go down. Refer to my previous Blog on ‘Free Services and Profit’ – I think, there is indeed a potential market there – any volunteers ? πŸ™‚

— Thyaga


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