.org vs .com – A very thin line indeed

The Vice Presidential debate showed to the whole world, something what software engineers world over are familiar with – that, there is indeed a very thin line between a .org and a .com :). Dick Cheney, in trying to defend his role at Haliburton, spoke about the site http://www.factcheck.com where he actually wanted to refer to the site
http://www.factcheck.org. The former site received so much of traffic just after the debate that the Site administrators (intentionally ?) transferred it to this site http://www.georgesoros.com/. George Soros, as everyone knows, is one of the harshest critics of George Bush ! – so, a small slip-up caused quite a setback to the presidential campaign.

I saw the debate and well, it looked as if 2 men of totally different nature were trying to talk and communicate. Dick Cheney reminded me of a school principal, who believes that what he does or says is final and that he could never have done anything wrong. Some might look at this as confidence – I felt that that was arrogance. John Edwards, the latest pin-up boy in the presidential race, was trying to be as suave and charming as possible – the fact that he was indeed a successful attorney was evident by the way he spoke and worked himself out of tight situations.

There was another slip up from Dick Cheney – he mentioned that he had never met John Edwards before ! – of course, the Democrats were quick to capitalize on that and publish photos showing Cheney and Edwards holding a press conference together, having dinner together etc.

Anyway, the stage is now set for the remaining 2 presidential debates. With the race wide open, it does seem to be a mouth watering prospect. Let’s just wait and watch …


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