VVS Laxman – “Clean Bowled” tendency

Have you noticed how often VVS Laxman gets Clean Bowled of late ? I used to admire his batting but his recent mode of dismissals have just left me a little frustrated. The “Clean Bowled” trend started off some time during the India-Pakistan tour in the beginning of this year and it has just continued on. For some reason, no one has raised this topic and neither does the batsman seem to remedy this problem.

I dug a little into the Statistics of VVS Laxman (courtesy of StatsGuru on the Cricket Info site) and what I found were not surprising. I compared his stats with the other 3 key Indian batsmen – Sachin, Dravid & Ganguly. The stats clearly show that he has indeed the highest tendeny of getting bowled among the current key Indian batsmen. Also, Ganguly has the least tendency of getting clean bowled. Also, the ranks of the 4 batsmen is the same in both the forms of cricket. In short, VVS Laxman has the highest tendency among the 4 batsmen to get Clean Bowled.

Here is the data (updated till the Bangalore Test, 2004) :

Player Test Innings #Clean Bowled %
VVS 89 18 20% (highest tendency)
Dravid 136 23 16%
Sachin 184 29 15%
Ganguly 123 17 13%
Player 1-day Innings #Clean Bowled %
VVS 79 13 17% (highest tendency)
Dravid 221 37 16%
Sachin 330 48 14%
Ganguly 253 33 13%

Can someone inform him about this ? – it’s about time !


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