Hawaii – here we come !

We leave for Hawaii in a few hours and well, I am excited. It is probably the longest vacation that we are going for (sans India) and so, it is something to look forward to. Honestly, I have hardly done anything for this trip – excepting taking the printouts, maps etc. Susmita has planned and designed the whole thing out and so, I feel more confident ;-).

So till then – take care and have a great weekend.

“Aloha” – my “ohana” is travelling towards “makai” ! – figure it out from below :).

Cheers !

Some common words of/tips about the Hawaii language

1. aloha – hello, goodbye, welcome, farewell, love

2. haole – a foreigner, often referring to a Caucasian

3. heiau – Hawaiian temple, place of worship

4. hula – native dance of Hawaii

5. kamaaina – native born citizen or local resident of Hawaii

6. lanai – a porch, balcony or veranda

7. luau – a Hawaiian feast

8. mahalo – thank you

9. makai – a direction “towards the sea”

10. mauka – a direction “towards the mountains”

11. mele – a song or chant

12. ohana – family

13. ono – delicious

14. pau – finished

15. poi – crushed taro root, made into a sticky paste


The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters – the five regular vowels (a, e, i, o, and u) and seven consonants (h, k, l, m, n, p, w).

The vowels are pronounced ah, ey, ee, oh and oo, not ay, ee, eye, oh and you like in English.

Most of the time each vowel in a word is pronounced separately.


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