Our Home Buying

We bought a new Home ! – it is a 4 year old townhome in Milpitas, CA and boy! – it does feel good to own a house. The house is 1353 sq feet, 3 stories with 2 car garages and the lot size is 1742 sq feet, which includes the back yard. I don’t want this to sound like a home specification report – so, you can find out more about the house (including pictures and virtual tour) out here. Oh yes, it cost us 560K for the house – if this was any other part of USA, then we could get a palatial house for that price, but this is Bay Area – things are a little ‘hut key’ out here !

Home buying was indeed a very very interesting, eye-opening and tiring experience for us. Actually, we spent literally 3 weeks shopping for our home. If you think that that is too long, then you will be surprised when you see people visiting open-homes weekends after weekends. We did not want to spend too much of time on this, primarily because we did not have time and also because the prices of the homes were going up with each passing weekend 🙂 !. Anyway, hopefully, this home will prove as lucky to us as it was to its seller (my real estate agent himself).

It was not love at first sight for us for this home. The home that we liked was actually different – it was a lot bigger but its location was not so great. But it had a wonderful floor plan. The asking price for that house was 585K and we offered 600K, but we STILL did not get it ! – the market is so damn crazy. After that, our present house seemed really very very attractive. Its asking price was 545K but we managed to win this by bidding at 560K. Of course, looking at it now, I think we made the right decision. Its location is fantastic, close to both our offices, close to a Jain temple (so parents need not worry), part of a community and close to a huge shopping mall (Great Mall).

We got the loan approval yesterday and so we should be moving in sometime during the end of February. It feels good to finally wrap this up – it had been playing in our heads for a long time. It got activated quite furiously during the New Year’s party at a friend’s house when we heard that most of our friends have started buying houses :). In any case, it turned out postive for us and here we are – proud owners of a home in the US of A.

Till then,

Interesting movies

Normally, my luck with movies is not great, especially when I recommend it to my wife. Many of the times, the movies that I recommend tend to be “too macho”, “too much nonsense”, “too much _any_thing” – it is always difficult to get it right. It is not that I have not been lucky – it’s just that my luck does not extend for too long :).

So, it was quite surprising that the last 3 movies have all proved to be quite good and most importantly, my wife has enjoyed it. Here is a brief summary of each:

  1. Kisna – Directed by Subhash Ghai, this is a period movie, which deals with a love story with India’s Independence struggle, partition, Hindu-Muslim riots in the background. Although quite a few movies have been made in this genre, what makes this movie unique is its cinematography, direction and above all, the heartening performance of Antonia Bernath, who plays the role of Katherine Beckett smitten in love with our Desi hero Kisna, played by Vivek Oberoi. Then, there is Isha Sherwani as Luxmi, to entertain you with some heart-stopping dance movements.
  2. Raincoat – Directed by Rituparna Ghosh, this low-budget film is fantastically done. Ajay Devgan (in a very sincere performance) and Aishwariya Rai (in a good performance) play 2 ex-lovers Manu and Neeru respectively, who meet after 15 years. Lot has changed in each other’s lives but the love for each other has remained the same. Manu is in need of money to start a new business while Neeru is in need of money to maintain her home. However, neither makes that confession to each other. I don’t want to reveal the end, since it will diminish the pleasure of the movie – if you have read “The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry, then you will find some similarities to it.
  3. Bourne Supremacy – This is the sequel to the extremely successful Bourne Identity. Normally sequels don’t match up to the originals, but I think this one outshines the original. A really fast-paced film with heart-stopping actions, stunts and thrills. It is difficult to stop the movie in the middle – it is so gripping.

Check out the movies whenever you can.

Cheers !

Bollywood’s loss

The last couple of weeks have been bad for Bollywood, the Hindi film industry. On the 12th of January, veteran actor Amrish Puri passed away of a blood clot in his brain. Amrish Puri for me was the ONLY villian who really could send a shudder down the heart just by means of his terrific screen presence, booming eyes and the sharp and penetrating eyes. Whether it be Mogambo of Mr. India, Bhujang of Tridev or Choudhury Baldev Singh of DDLJ, Amrish Puri would always add so much of credibility and substance to his character that one would remember it forever. Indeed, it is a great loss of a wonderful talent.

Another loss was that of Parveen Babi, the yesteryear actress who was found dead in her residence on the 22nd of January. This wonderful and beautiful actress will be best remembered for her roles in Deewar and Namak Halal, where she stood her own against stalwarts such as Big B and Shashi Kapoor. Then she suddenly disappeared in the mid-80s only to resurface around 5 years ago. She had put on lots of weight, was hardly recognizable and in a surprise move, she filed a petition against some of her peers such as Big B, that they tried to kill her. Needless to say, the case did not go far. Whatever may be the actual issue, this loss is indeed quite sad because it is difficult for anyone to seduce a nation like she did in “Jawaani Jaaneman Haseene Dilrooba …”

— Thyaga


There were a lot of people who became famous during the course of the US November elections last year – some of them became so because they were directly involved in the political fight and some because they stood outside the arena and made fun of the whole election and were satarical of the whole process. The most famous among the second group of people were the “JibJab” brothers. They composed small and hilariously funny videos and put them up on the Internet. In fact, I saw them on one of the early morning show on television today – so, that clearly shows that their popularity is indeed growing.

Check out some of their short videos at – http://www.jibjab.com (“My Land” is my favorite). Enjoy the videos – they should give us something to laugh about !

Keep smiling !

Video Blogs – vlogs

The popularity of Blogs is growing unabated. I had already mentioned in one of my earlier postings that the word “Blog” had topped Dictionary’s words of the year 2004. Now comes the news that Video Blogs, commonly known as vlogs, seems to carry on from where Blog left off. This is similar to Blogs excepting that you can post whatever you want through Videos. Stretching this even further, one can have his/her own private news channel, music channel etc and so, the opportunities are just unbelievable.

Read more about this and well … start BLOGGING 🙂 !

Cheers !