Welcoming the New Year

We had a great New Year’s eve party last weekend at Abhijit’s house. Paro, Sujata, Abhijit and Rupam had done a terrific job of organizing the party. Surprisingly, there were quite a few people and it was good to catch up many of them, most of whom we haven’t met in ages. I guess, that is one of the advantages of these types of parties. We played some games and then danced away till the wee hours and welcomed the New Year. Here are some of the snaps from that party (courtesty of Paro)

We did something really “sacred” the next day (New Year’s day). We went on a guided tour of the Stanford University campus, where Anu and Jeetu were our guides. I also believe that if you do something good on the 1st day of the year, you will do that for the rest of the year too. Nothing can be more “halo” than visiting such a great university :). It was great to go inside the Computer Science Department and see the places where some of the great stalwarts worked. We also went into the Earth Sciences building (Anu and Jeetu’s Department) and into Anu’s office. Anu & Jeetu took time to explain about earthquakes and so, the tour was educational too ! As usual, here are some snaps.

Hope everyone of you has a great year ahead !

Signing off !


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