Interesting movies

Normally, my luck with movies is not great, especially when I recommend it to my wife. Many of the times, the movies that I recommend tend to be “too macho”, “too much nonsense”, “too much _any_thing” – it is always difficult to get it right. It is not that I have not been lucky – it’s just that my luck does not extend for too long :).

So, it was quite surprising that the last 3 movies have all proved to be quite good and most importantly, my wife has enjoyed it. Here is a brief summary of each:

  1. Kisna – Directed by Subhash Ghai, this is a period movie, which deals with a love story with India’s Independence struggle, partition, Hindu-Muslim riots in the background. Although quite a few movies have been made in this genre, what makes this movie unique is its cinematography, direction and above all, the heartening performance of Antonia Bernath, who plays the role of Katherine Beckett smitten in love with our Desi hero Kisna, played by Vivek Oberoi. Then, there is Isha Sherwani as Luxmi, to entertain you with some heart-stopping dance movements.
  2. Raincoat – Directed by Rituparna Ghosh, this low-budget film is fantastically done. Ajay Devgan (in a very sincere performance) and Aishwariya Rai (in a good performance) play 2 ex-lovers Manu and Neeru respectively, who meet after 15 years. Lot has changed in each other’s lives but the love for each other has remained the same. Manu is in need of money to start a new business while Neeru is in need of money to maintain her home. However, neither makes that confession to each other. I don’t want to reveal the end, since it will diminish the pleasure of the movie – if you have read “The Gift of the Magi” by O’Henry, then you will find some similarities to it.
  3. Bourne Supremacy – This is the sequel to the extremely successful Bourne Identity. Normally sequels don’t match up to the originals, but I think this one outshines the original. A really fast-paced film with heart-stopping actions, stunts and thrills. It is difficult to stop the movie in the middle – it is so gripping.

Check out the movies whenever you can.

Cheers !


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