Anniversary celebration in our New Home

On the 20th of February, we celebrated our 2nd marriage anniversary. Sometimes, it is really tough to believe that Susmita and I are married for 2 years now – it is even difficult to think that Susmita has withstood me for so long 🙂 – she has been just wonderful and I am lucky to have her as my wife. Without making this too very mushy (the occasion warrants it, doesn’t it ?), I shall jump right into what we did on our anniversary.

We had planned to do a simple Puja for our new house – our parents had told us that 20th was a good/auspicious/perfect day for us to do the Puja. So, we went early to our new house and did what was required. We boiled milk, did a simple Puja, had tea and biscuit and that was it. Of course, we did make use of our time to take down the final measurements of the house for our new/old furniture and also to decide where to place them – this is important because we need to inform the movers next weekend. Here are some snaps – relive the moments.

Cheers !


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