Move to the New Home

Last weekend, we moved to our new home and the move process itself was quite an experience. I thought that the last people who would be punctual would be the movers, but I was absolutely wrong. They came at 9:00 am sharp and within an hour and a half, 90% of our house was empty. What remained were small items which we carried in our own car. Here I must say that we were helped to a great extent by the presence of Pramod Mausa’s Toyoto Sienna van – that van seemed to have an infinite capacity – we just keep shoving stuff inside the van.

If the loading of stuff took around a couple of hours, then the unloading was even faster. We just stood by the door and instructed the movers to place the items in their respective rooms. They were done within an hour and a half and so, we had moved into our new home in 4 hours. On top of that, we had not lifted a single furniture (that really was a blessing for my suspect back) and all the furniture arrived at our new home in perfect condition. I was really impressed by the whole process.

The remaining of the weekend was spent in unpacking the boxes and arranging the stuff in our new home. Even today, i.e. 4 days after we have moved in, the house has boxes all over the place and there still remain some more boxes to open and some more treasures to reveal ;-). I guess, the whole process will take us some time to complete.

In the evening after the move, we just lay in the couch, staring at the house – I was sipping champagne, looking at Susmita, looking at the house, looking outside of the window at the gorgeous view of the lush green mountains – it was just heady feeling. The feeling of owning a home is yet to sink in into us – I guess that is going to take its time.

Till then – Bye !


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