Trivandrum Diaries – 03/21/2005

Hello from God’s own country !

I arrived in Trivandrum on Saturday night (19th). The flight was good, though I always feel why technological development has been done to reduce the flying time. A flying time of more than 24 hours is simply too much and it actually leaves you so very exhausted and jet-lagged. In order to make my journey more eventful, I normally spice it up by doing interesting things along the way – take a refreshing shower during my stay in S’Pore, have a sumptuous Indian lunch and of course, have a nice foot massage. After doing all this, I was ready to arrive in Trivandrum.

An interesting incident happened at the Trivandrum airport. The customs officer asked me what I had in the computer – I told him that I had a CPU and I told him that the value was