More Postcards From Trivandrum – March 25th, 2005

My stay in Trivandrum is coming to an end. The stay has been quite good – i thinkI managed to do what I had set out to do. In the end, it was quite hectic – the work, the installation, the training etc – but I hope it is well worth it. We will onlyknow how much all this effort will bear fruit – I am confident that it will and I hope that I am proved right.

I stayed at Kutty’s place – both Babu and Kutty made sure that my stay was extremely comfortable.Starting with the morning cup of coffee to the last cup of Payasam in the night, every detail was taken care of. I felt almost at home there. It would have been even better had Susmita been with me too – next time, I shall definitely take her to Kerala – it is a place to be seen and enjoyed.

However, this time, I hardly got time to go out and see places. The only place where I went was ashopping mall, where I bought a Malayam CD (of a new Mohanlal movie – Udayan Anantha ….). I also went to see the movie and surprisingly, I understood most of the movie. I guess, few thingssuch as love, emotions, music don’t have any language – they will touch your heart no matter what.

I shall sign off on that note – it was been a pleasant stay in Trivandrum. The trip was shortbut the memories that I have shall live for long.

From God’s own country,
See ya !


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