Postcards from Kolkata – March 29th, 2005

I arrived in Kolkata on March 25th from Trivandrum. The total flying time was around 5 hours – that is because there is no direct flight from Trivandrum to Kolkata and so, I had to fly via Mumbai. Appa and Amma had come to receive me at the airport and as usual, we were all thrilled to see each other. However, there was one noticeable differencethan last year – most of the time, the topic centered around Susmita :).

It has been good till now – meeting friends, relatives, in-laws etc. Unlike in Trivandrum, where it was mostly work, here it is mostly pleasure :). Also, since you are meeting your relatives most of the time, people keep asking about Susmita. That makes me feel her absence even more. Next time, I am not coming alone – that is for sure 🙂 !

The weather in Kolkata has been quite good. It is hot but surprisingly it is not as humid as in Julyof last year. As I write this, there is a lovely breeze blowing and I can see some dark green cocunut and palm trees outside and hear some birds chirping. From the other window, I can also hear the car/bus horns blow trying its best to spoil the tranquility that I am trying to experience – India is indeed a wonderful place !.



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