The Da Vinci Code

On the flight back from Kolkata to SFO, I managed to complete Dan Brown’s latest thriller The Da Vinci Code. Having heard so much about the book, I was really curious to know what is in the book that has made the book such a worldwide hit. After reading the book, I know why !

The author has done a terrific job of mixing historical facts and fiction and fantasies to make a really racy thriller. The story combines mythological facts and theories about Christ, Mary Magdalene and secret brotherhood societies to whom Da Vinci and Newton belonged to. Of course, if I tell you how they are all linked, then I am giving away the plot of the book. I can only tell you that after reading the book, you will start wondering whether what the author has written is real or not and therein lies the success of the book. I could hardly put down the book while I was reading it.

I have also heard that they are planning to make a movie out of it with Tom Hanks slated to play the lead role. That will be interesting indeed – if they can make it as racy as the book, then the movie is sure to be a hit. Let us just wait and watch .

In the meantime, this book is highly recommended for anyone who wants to read a fast and racy thriller and wants to know more (facts/fiction) about Christ!

Happy Reading !


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