Setting up a garden

One very important reason why Susmita wanted a home was that she could have a garden in her backyard with multi-colored flowers and and lots of different type of vegetables ! So, now that we had a house and decently big backyard, the natural extension was to setup a garden. That is what we did over the weekend with a trip to Lowe’s. In the nursery section, my wife just went on a spree – it looked like if given a chance, she could spend the entire day there :). Boy, she really loves plants !

Anyway, the end result of all that was that we got quite a few different types of flowers (roses, marigold, gerbaras etc) and some vegetables (bell pepper, parsley, coriander etc) too along with the pots to plant them in. The whole of Sunday afternoon was pretty much spent with yours truly potting these plants along with the soil. We are also planning to hire a professional gardner to set up a soil bed so that we can plant more plants there. Also, we want do some more landscaping to the backyard.

For now, most of the plants are doing good and my wife seems to be happy. Touche!


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