Tamil New Year blitz

Happy Tamil New Year to you all.

Apart from being the New Year, it also is a boon for the Tamil movie watchers. As has been the norm over the past years, this is the day when the most eagerly awaited Tamil movies are released. This time, the excitement is more than ever with the 2 biggest stars of Tamil cinema, Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, both releasing their movies on that day. I guess, this should make the fans really happy.

Rajnikanth is back after a 3 year hiatus after his last failure, Baba. His new movie is called Chandramukhi. Kamal Hassan is releasing a bilungual in Hindi and Tamil called Mumbai Express. I am trying to convince Susmita to go and see the movies in the theater (for obvious reasons, both the stars have released their movies worldwide on the same day as their Indian release) – the fact that the movies have English sub-titles should help in my argument :).

Actually, it is quite interesting to note that most of the people whom I know and who are not from the South of India, prefer to watch Kamal Hassan’s movies than Rajnikanth’s. For example, it is easy to see why Kamal is more popular in the rest of India – he is a superb actor and his performances in movies like Sadma, Sagar etc have just been stupendous. However, it is difficult to describe the impact of Rajnikanth – he is a good actor but he is an even better star ! – his styles and mannerisms have what that have made him such a mega star in the South – his fans never get tired of him – that is why he is aptly named “Thaliyavar” (The Leader) there. However, he still remains a mystery to many of non-South Indian masses. Interesting indeed !

Till then !


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