Googling your life style ….

I have always believed that if you are in awe of any technology, then it is probably not worth using it, because in most cases, a technology in “awe” is probably something that you cannot use in everyday life. I may sound a little philosophical when I say this but it is true – technology is only useful when any average person can use it. It should be a part of one’s everyday life. Of course, things do take time to mature before it becomes part of one’s lifestyle. I cannot but talk about Google when I talk about this issue.

I personally believe that if you leave aside Internet, the one “thing” that has really touched my life and made it better is Google and its variety of search tools. Today, if I don’t know about any topic – be it software, hardware, electrical wiring for the house, fertilizer for the plants, gardening tips, car maintenance tips, romance tips ๐Ÿ™‚ – I just have to go to Google and type it in and I have never been disappointed. So, what is the advantage of this ? – it just means that I don’t need to maintain those stacks of manuals and data and paper. It is all there somewhere in the Internet and I know Google will do a good job of giving me EXACTLY the data that I want.

The same can be said of the Desktop Search that I have installed. Yes, there are some bugs that Google has found with it. But it has been really so useful for me. It has helped me to retrieve relevant content so easily – more importantly, it also searches within the files of different formats. In other words, if you wanted to know all the emails that have the word “ABC Inc” in it, you just have to search for it and all the emails would come up. Of course, all previous searches on the Internet that you might have done with the words “ABC Inc” will also come up. All this just makes one’s life easy and less cumbersome.

I am inherently not a very organized man – however, I do envy people who are organized and can finds things where they are every time. I always forget where my car keys are, I forget to take out the cell phone from the car after parking it all the time and I seldom remember to lock the door after I come in. Blame it on age ๐Ÿ™‚ or not – people like me definitely need Google. No wonder, the stock price of Google is soaring. People say that too much of a good thing is not good – I guess, it does not hold true in this case.

Keep Googling !


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