School Friends Get-together

Last Saturday, we had a very interesting get-together of our school friends, some of whom I haven’t met since passing out of high school. It would be fun to meet them, get to know what each one of them has been upto and of course, catch up on old times. So, here is a summary of what each one is upto, just in case you wanted to know:

(1) .Ayan Sarkar – Currently working at Siebel and just waiting for the Fall of this year – he is joining MIT Sloan this Fall and he does look excited !

(2). Prabuddha – Has painted his hair white (don’t know why), looks very much the “professor-type”, is currently doing his Post-Doc in Quantum Mechanics (that is as far as I could understand). Riturparna and Brishti have obviously kept him happy and contented.

(3). Rituparna – Her voice is still inaudible, yet she still is taking a class of around 300 students. I couldn’t resist asking whether she uses the mike. But nevertheless, she is doing just great, has become an assistant professor in UC Davis and as mentioned in (2), is happily married to Prabuddha.

(4). Kohinoor – Hale and hearty and quiet as always, Kohinoor is working at Intel and coincidentally in the same building as Susmita. At least now, Susmita knows someone outside her group members in the big big world of Intel :).

(5). Jayabrata – Working currently at Altera, he is the one person whom I thought has not had any physical change in his appearance. He is a father now and oh yes, he is married to Sudeshna.

(6). Sudheshna – I think, she seems to have lost weight and the explanation was that she has to run around her baby (now, we know Jayabrata’s secret :)). She is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Engineering from SJSU.

(7). Chetan – One of the most eligibile bachelors in our group now, Chetan is working his ass off for Deloitte on a “Kulifornia” project. He seems to have become the “Bada Saab” of the group because he kept getting calls on his cell phone asking for help on the Project !!! He does seem to be going great guns.



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