Cannes 2005 – the Indian “Wardrobe Malfunction”

I still haven’t figured out why we are so fascinated by what our film stars wear. This feverish obsession reached a crescendo the last week because of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, where a lot of Indian film stars were walking the ramp. Ashwariya Rai (who is nowadays present in all big events in Hollywood) marked the festival open, Nandita Das was part of the jury and Mallika Sherawat was there for her upcoming movie with Jackie Chan, The Myth.

If you considered all the hype surrounding what they were going to wear was generating, then I must say that the reality was actually quite different. Ashwariya Rai, after the bashing that she received last year for her dress, probably looked the best of the lot. Nandita Das looked totally out of depth in her Red Sari (why was she so badly dressed ?) and as far as Mallika Sherawat is concerned, the first reaction that I had was – “ugh?” – i thought that it was a “Wardrobe Malfunction”.

Anyway, the good part of all this is that Indian film stars are getting to be well known outside the world of Bollywood, which is good for India of course.



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