Get Ripped !

There is an interesting and booming business coming up now-a-days. With the advent of IPOD and the numerous MP3 players, consumers are now willing to keep all their songs in MP3 formats. In fact, even music stores in India sell MP3 CDs. If you think about the mathematics, it makes better economic sense. A MP3 CD purchased in India costs about Rs 400 whereas a normal CD costs around Rs 100. So, at 4 times the cost, one can get as much 10 times the number of songs. Of course, this assumes that one has a good MP3 player at home. Given this information, it is imperative that people like me will start thinking about what to do with the countless CDs that we have bought over the years. In fact, I really pride myself on my CD collection. So, if I need to make a big leap into the world of MP3s, I need to spend enough time and effort to convert the CDs into MP3s.

Of course, there are countless software which can do the job for you – however, they are time consuming and will indeed require a learning curve. So, to make life easier, there are these bunch of companies that do the job for you. The basic idea is that you ship out your CDs and they will be RIPPED into MP3s of the highest quality – of course, you will have to pay a fee for that – but, given the time that one can save with that, it is well worth it. Businessweek actually carried a write-up on these companies – read it if you can.

So, if you have tons of CDs but want to make the switchover to MP3s, you know what to do – “Get Ripped” !


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