The Indian Coach Selection saga !

After all the drama, saga and hype that the Indian Coach Selection process generated, the decision as to who would replace John Wright, has been made. Greg Chappel, the Aussie Cricket great and considered to have a great cricket mind, is now officially the new Indian coach till the end of the 2007 World Cup.

Among the 4 in the fray, Desmond Haynes was definitely the dark horse. He claimed that he had the advantage of the West Indian pitches more than any one else and since the next World Cup was going to be held in West Indies, there was no one better than him for the job.

Mohinder Amarnath, the only Indian in the fray, was always going to have a tough time convincing selectors that Indians are actually good in coaching too. In retrospect, it is good that he was not selected because an Indian coach would no doubt get entangled in the beauracracy of the system and might not have the guts to change it.

Tom Moody, the youngest and the tallest of the lot, has been impressing everyone in his latest stint in the county circuits with his coaching. So, he was definitely a hot prospect – in fact, he is in running for Sri Lanka coach’s position too (if I am not wrong, he will surely get it). I personally was in favor of him, because he is young, low profile (similar to Wright), hard working and probably would lead by example.

Greg Chappel, of course, was a great cricket player and pundits rank him very high on his cricketing brains. He has developed a new and unique way of coaching called the ‘Chappel Way‘, which is gaining in popularity by the day. I guess, that must have clinched the deal for him.

Hopefully, the new coach will bring in fresh ideas and good results. We need to build the nucleus of the team that will be part of the next World Cup, which is just 2 years ahead. We need to start working on our areas of weaknesses – no end-overs slogger, no all-rounder, frequent injuries to bowlers etc and we must get started on this ASAP.

Greg Chappel – lead us your way !


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