Apple – Intel Tie Up

Finally, the news has been confirmed. For months now, there has been talk that Apple was planning to swtich to Intel chips from IBM chips for its Mac PCs and laptops. Today, it was made official by Steve Jobs at the Apple Developer Conference in SFO.

This move is quite interesting for a variety of reasons:

  1. Currently, Intel is struggling to keep up with the growth of its main rival AMD – so, this deal will really propel Intel higher up in the market share.
  2. This signifies Apple’s relentless move to make desktops affordable for the common man – it is a long shot but you have to start somewhere. The first set of MACs that are supposed to be switching over to the Intel chips are the MAC Minis.
  3. This is actually bad news for the hardware division of IBM – Apple was one of the largest customers for the IBM power-pc chips. It could mean that this division might be sold off – just like the PC division was sold off to Lenovo.

Interesting times ahead …


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