Audio Blogs – a pretty neat concept

As you might have noticed, there have been quite a few Audio Blogs that have been posted here. Yes, I am trying it out and needless to say, I am just enamoured by the technology. I can think of so many different applications for this:

  1. Personal Radio Station – you can record your messages, songs, music up on the Blog and have other people listen to them. The fact that they get converted into pretty high quality mp3 files just helps :). Listen to my Audio Blog and you will know what I mean.
  2. Group Blog for Families and Friends – you can set up a Blog only for your family and friends and then Audio Blog to send messages. This is especially useful if you are sending messages to your loved ones across the Globe. The only requirement of this is that you need to have Internet access.
  3. Sometimes it is easier to talk about something than write about it – for example, if you feel passionate about something, then it is easily reflected in your voice than in your writing – at least, that is what happens with me.

I am sure there are more advantages to Audio Blogging than what I have mentioned. This technology is still nascent. I already see so many areas where there can be improvment:

  • No easy way to suggest the title of the Blog while recording the Audio Blog – you have to login into your Blogger account and then edit the blank title of your Audio Blog.
  • Since your Blog is now in mp3 format, you lose the ability of being able to search through your Blogs. I don’t think there is yet any good search engine present that can search through Audio mp3 files. Google, are you listening ?
  • Currently, I can Audio Blog for a maximum of 5 minutes, after which I need to hang up and then post another Blog – with disk space becoming cheaper with each passing day, I am sure this problem will also go away.

I am sure this technology is here to stay – if you haven’t tried it out, then try it out for FREE.

Happy Audio Blogging !



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