Tango Charlie – what were they thinking ?

We saw a movie called Tango Charlie and at the end of the movie, the only question that I had was what was the director thinking when he made the movie. Of course, I also felt quite stupid sitting through the whole length of the movie – sometimes, I amaze myself indeed :). I don’t think there is anything great to write about this movie.

The whole movie revolves around Tango Charlie, the nickname for Bobby Deol’s character, Tarun _something_. He is a soldier and he is posted in all parts of India to combat terrorism – Bodos in the NEast, Naxals in Hyderabad, Hindu-Muslim riots in Gujarat and finally in Kargil. The concept is good – I just wish they had implemented the concept in a better way.

My recommendation – stay away from it if you can 🙂 !

— Thyaga


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