The Jungle Run – Half Marathon

I ran the Jungle Run Half Marathon over the weekend and boy! – it was indeed quite a painful experience. Of course, I wasn’t in the best of shapes, but I thought that if I manage to keep my cool and just not think too much about the course, then I should be able to make it easily. However, both my assumptions went off the window the moment the race started. It was a really hot day to start with – so, there was no way in which I could keep myself cool. In fact, before the 3rd mile, I started to feel a little dehydrated. Secondly, the course was not an easy one too – it had quite a bit of uphills – in fact, a few metres into the course is a really tough hill and that kind of sets the pace for the whole course. When I crossed that first hill, I knew I was in for a long grind :).

But in spite of this, I think I did a reasonable job. I kept my focus on finishing the race and not worrying about the time. I was tempted to stop and relax at various stages in the race but I didn’t fall for that seduction :). I managed to complete the Half-Marathon in 2hrs:33 mins, which was WAY OFF my best, but it did prove one thing – if you are out of practice, then you are definitely going to lose your speed and stamina.

So, the next step – I need to improve my fitness. Only time will say whether I am successful or not in that venture.

Keep running


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