Tiebreaker in Twenty-20 cricket

Twenty-20 cricket is gaining in popularity a lot – the fact that most of the international teams now play “friendlys” with each other is a testimony to the fact that this form of the game is here to stay. I am not really a big fan of bang bang cricket, but if this is what is going to make the game more popular, then I guess, it is ok. I just hope, we still produce players such as Sachin Tendulkar, whose batting can mesmerize you and take you to another level and bowlers such as Shane Warne, who make you feel that spinning is not all that diffcult. Anyway, I shall leave that for some other discussion.

What is interesting about this form of cricket is the “Tie-breaker” rule. It is similar to that in soccer, where players in each team try to score goals. Ultimately, the team with the higher number of goals win. In cricket, the competition is among the teams to find out who can hit the stumps the higher number of times. Don’t believe me ? – check this highlights package out.

I would be interested to know whats your view on Twenty-20 : send me a note.


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