Lucky Seven for Armstrong ….

One more year, one more Tour de France, one more gruelling 21-day tour on bike came to an end in Paris around a couple of days ago. Not surprisingly enough, the winner was Lance Armstrong – he has now won this tournament 7 times in a row. If you think about the course of the Tour de France, it is quite amazing to know how a person can do this year after year and that too a person who had to overcome physical hardships such as cancer. Achievements such as these truly embody the spirit of the human being and I really salute his sprit and determination. Hope we get inspired by this true life story and do something amazing in our lifes.

Way to go Lance !


One Response

  1. Not nearly as amazing when you consider the advertising revenues from his American-based enorsements (Nike, Bristol-Meyers, Subaru, Trek, American Century) and his DOPER FREE EXEMPTION post 1998 Festina Scandal.

    During the Pharmstrong LIVE WRONG era—not one athletes failed a doping test in a sports where 100% abuse massive trauma drugs on a DAILY basis–to prepare, recover and to race.

    Once Armstrong retired, his TDF sponsorship renewals expired, all hell boroke lose. Everyone on his podium was doped out of their minds, and most of his USPO Team has been drug busted too.

    Floyd Landis (exogenous testosterone, cortisone, thyroid steroids-2006)
    Tyler Hamilton (blood transfusion-2005)
    Roberto Heras (EPO-2005)
    Benoit Joachim (Deca Durabolin-2000)
    Manuel Beltran (corticosteroids & EPO-1999)
    Pavel Padrnos (EPO, hGH, insulin, testosterone-2001)
    Frankie Andreu (EPO-1999, 2000, 2001 via confession)
    Michele Ferrari (illegal pharmacy & sporting fraud conviction)
    Lance the icon (EPO, corticosteroids, cow blood, insulin-1999 & 2000)

    Bozo the clown can win a sporting event if George Mitchell/Disney-ESPN & Nike authorize it.

    They all dope–but not everyone gets the best trauma doping or help.

    Nike says: LIVE WRONG!!!! Lance does.

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