Oliver Stone’s JFK

Over the weekend, we saw Oliver Stone’s JFK, a thrilling drama which talks about the investigation of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, who is highly suspicious of the official story presented by the FBI to explain JFK’s assassination. When he takes it upon himself to investigate, he unearths a deadly conspiracy that may go deeper than he could have ever imagined. Although, I had seen this movie during my childhood, I never fully understood the political significance of the movie. This time, seeing it with my lovely wife, I got the complete hang of the events and I guess, there might have been political parties behind the assassination of the former president.

Of course, we will never know whether the facts argued upon in this movie are totally rubbish or not (according to the movie, CIA & FBI are yet to reveal the official investigation documents – they are supposed to do so in 2029). But the movie does dish up an intriguing political conspiracy and keeps you glued to your seats till the very end.

Indeed, if you haven’t seen this movie till now, it is time to do so !


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