Interesting shopping tool

The other day while I was browsing the Web, I came across a wonderful utility tool, called Dealio
( ). We all have used some kind of comparison shopping tool such as, etc. But this tool is a little different. It “sits” in your PC and appears as a toolbar in your browser(and FYI, it does not install any kind of spyware when you install it). Now supposing you go go and then search for “IPOD” and you found the price to be $200. At the same time, if the tool would find out for you whether any other webiste was selling the same IPOD for less than $200 and would popup a message for you with the best available deal. So, it is kind of a shopping assistant, you might say. I am yet to try it out but going by what the tool is supposed to do, I think it will be really really useful.

As I have constantly said, better technology should help improve one’s life. A tool such as this only helps to get the best deal available in the market – in other customers are the ultimate benefactors of this wonderful technology. Long live the Internet and long be the power of the customer.

— Thyaga


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  1. That is off course if you believe that ‘price’ is the be all and end all.

    I am certainly prepared to pay a slightly higher fee for a product to a brand I ‘trust’, who delivers on time, is ‘attentive’ and respects the relationship we share.

    Chris @

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