1 year completed at Santa Clara University

On August 10th, 2005, our Summer Quarter came to an end and with that we completed our 1st year at Santa Clara B-school. Boy! – it has been quite a journey. Some of these classes have been really interesting and some not so interesting. One thing that I must mention is that unlike in my undergraduate studies, I haven’t yet found any course which is downright boring and in which I haven’t paid much attention to in the class. The fact that we have had some good professors has also helped.

During the first year, I have generally been low on the Networking Activities. I plan to step up my participation there. This is also the time when we get to decide on what type of concentration (if at all) we plan to do for our MBA. I am tinkering with the prospect of doing a concentration in Enterpreneurship and Marketing Management – I am yet to finalize on anything concretely though. Supply-chain is an interesing concentration too and so are Economics and Finance. One thing is for sure – I am not doing a concentration in Accounting 🙂 ! So, these are interesting times indeed.

Anyway, we have a 1.5 month break from classes – so, I hope to take this time and relax, unwind and generally hang out with my beautiful wife and my parents who are visiting us from India.

Hope you are all having a sunny and pleasant summer !

— Thyaga


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  1. Hi Thyaga,

    I noticed you said you’ve been “low on the Networking Activities”. I highly recommend getting involved with meeting people in the program, whether it be through a university recognized network group or various MBA events for all students, or even through meeting fellow students and alumni online. The old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” has some truth to it, and being in Santa Clara’s MBA program gives you a rare and short opportunity to connect with tomorrow’s leaders. I say the opportunity is short even if the program takes you two to six years to complete, because that time is a short period in your total career. To connect with SCU MBA students and alumni online, check out this SCU MBA page on my website.

    Good luck with the program!

    — Rick Upton

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