South Point Reunion

Yesterday, on the 13th of August, a group of my school (South Point High School) friends and their spouses gathered together at the Bombay Garden restaurant. It was just a wonderful feeling to get-together with people whom I had gone to school with. It was also amazing to see how people have changed over the years – physical appearance, world outlook But when you meet these friends, you still tend to associate old incidents which happened more than 15 years ago in school and still remember those incidents vividly. It was also great to know that many of them are doing so very well in their lives right now – some at Google, some doing MBA at Michigan, some going to do MBA at Sloan, many working in Hi-tech companies in the Bay Area etc. All of these seemed quite a distant dream when we were in school, where our main task was to complete class-works, home-works and exams. Little did we know that one day, most of us would end up in and around the Bay Area.

In passing, I must thank Ayan who did a splendid job of organizing this get-together. We must have more of these reunions – it is just great to keep in touch with old friends.



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