New Jersey – New York Trip – Day 2

Yesterday was the 2nd day of our trip and it was just fantastic. We started out quite early from Hillsborough at 10:00 am and then reached New York around noon. These were the places that we visited in their order of occurrence:

  1. Empire State Building – After the fall of the twin towers, this was the highest building in New York and hence, it attracted quite a large number of people who had packed in during the Labor day weekend. It took us around an hour and a half to get to the top of the Building (86th Floor) but once we reached the top, everyone realized that the wait was well worth it.
  2. Lunch at Lexington – After the Empire State Buidling visit, we went to the house of Jhaadu at Lexington. After a brief stopover at his apartment, where we were treated to some wonderful water-melon juice by his wife Piu, we went to have lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby – Chennai Palace.
  3. Grand Central Station – Immediately after lunch, we took a cab to the Grand Central Station, the largest train station in the country. We didn’t spend too much time there – so the dome and the architecture, took some pictures and left.
  4. RockeFeller Center – The next stop was the RockeFeller Center. My memories of that place was that of a huge Christmas tree with an ice-skating rink nearby. The ice-skating rink was now converted to a bunch of restaurants. There were lots of people, lots of activities, lots of shops and we all felt that we were INDEED in New York.
  5. Central Park – The next stop was at Central Park, where Simon and Grafunkel had composed some of their famous songs. But I was actually quite disappointed with the park – some of the places were just dirty and smelly. The only good thing about the park was that, we managed to take a break and stretch our legs on the grass and even were lucky enough to gather some sleep.
  6. Trump Tower – Close to Central Park was the Trump Tower, where The Apprentice is filmed. We definitely wanted to visit that place because Susmita and I like the show quite a lot. We were all just dazzled with the interiors of the tower – we spent quite a relaxing time at the Starbucks there.
  7. Times Square – The final stop was Times Square – we wanted to go to Times Square at night so that we could all see the lights. When we arriced at Times Square, the first expression was the best of them all – all our jaws just virtually dropped on seeing the GIANT flourescent screens and the flashing ads and the people and the music and the noise etc. It was just electric. For a moment, we just stood there taking in everything that was visible in Times Square. In one of the screens, they were showing the US Open too. I mean it was something out of this world. After spending some time walking through the Square a bit dazed, we decided that it was time for dinner. Luckily, we got an Indian restaurant nearby – BombayMasala. The food was decent for the price that they charged – but then it was at the heart of Times Square and so, the prices automatically go up.

After a long but eventful day, we eventually returned home well past midnight.

— Thyaga


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