iPod’s new direction

Apple Computers announced today its much awaited plans for the future of iPod. First up is a thinner version of iPod called iPod Nano. The next annoucement was the iTunes Cell Phone, called Rokr made in collaboration with Motorola. For more details, click here.

I believe that this is a positive and encouraging step from Apple. Firstly, the iPod market never seems to dry up. However, there are a bunch of iPod look-alike products in the market that are available. So, Apple always needs to be ahead of its rivals as the market leader by constant innovation. That is exactly what Apple is doing.

However popular iPods might become, they can never beat cell phones in popularity. Also, cell-phones today are becoming so very powerful that they can do almost all functions that a PDA does. (Palm can better explain that :)). So, the next alternative was to combine cell-phones with music players. So, you carry only one gadget – to listen to music, to make a call, to write an email etc … all by a small gadget held within your palm. Pretty neat concept, if you ask me.

What do you think of this move by Apple ? – would love to hear your commets on this.



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