Weekend trip to Santa Cruz – Fantastic !

Last Saturday, on the 10th of September, we had been to Santa Cruz and boy! – it was a trip worth remembering. The weather was perfect to be spent on the beach. The beaches were good, the sand was warm and the water cool. Also, the Boardwalk was crowded with activities happening all over the place.

We spent quite a bit of time lazing on the beach. In fact my mom and Susmita happily took a short nap (or “power nap” as Susmita puts it) on the beach. The best part of it was that although it was sunny, it wasn’t hot. In fact, if you had your sun glasses on, you could really while away your time at the beach on that day.

Anyway, after spending some time on the beach, we walked around the Boardwalk, played some games, had some coffee, garlic fries (which was totally cold 😦 !), ice-cream and then did our customary shopping for memorilibia. Finally, we wrapped up our trip by getting onto the Skywalk – 2 people sit on each bench and then this bench moves along a rope from one corner of the Boardwalk to another.

Aftre spending a wonderful day at Santa Cruz, we came back home and had a wonderful dinner. It was one of those days which was perfect to go to the beach – I am glad that we did.

Adios !


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