“Inside Intel” :)

Last Sunday, on the 11th of September (it would have sounded different if I had written 9/11 !), we took a trip to Susmita’s office – Intel. My parents wanted to see where she worked, what is really “INSIDE” of Intel etc and etc. More importantly, I wanted them to see the company which employees more than 80,000 people worldwide and has been an iconic symbol of the Silicon Valley.

We visited Susmita’s cubicle, her conference room, cafeteria, took a lot of snaps and from the looks on my parent’s face, I could say that they were in awe. Actually, it is not only them – whenever I enter Susmita’s office, I always feel this sense of being inside an “esteemed” company. This is where technology begins, this is where the heart of the computer is made – this is where one of the industry’s best talents work to bring to us a faster and efficient chip (and hence a faster and efficient computer). It is good to visit these places once in a while to have a reality check on oneself and also get inspired to do great stuff.

Go Susmita go !

— Thyaga


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