“Cross-roads” Series

Everyone has faced important career decisions during his/her life – whether it is at school or at college or at work, one has to keep on taking decisions. Some of these decisions are made out of instinct, some are based on rule of thumb and some are taken by just learning from and watching others. While we have no way to influence one’s instinct and a rule of thumb is well, a rule a thumb, what we can definitely do is to look at how our friends and peers have handled different career situations and then learn from their success and mistakes and try to apply some of those decisions to our lifes in some way. It is not necessary that what they have done in the past is a sure indicator of our future success. It is also not necessary that what applied to them will also apply to us. But what is indeed true is that it does give you a broad idea of why they chose a particular career path – it gives us a glimpse into intelligent and rationale thinking in the mind of those individuals.

Since my time at IIT-Kharagpur, I have had the wonderful privilege of interacting with some of the best brains in the world – people whose intelligence was definitely above average. I definitely felt privileged to be in the company of such people, some of whom are my closest friends. Many of these friends have taken their career decisions – some surprising and some not so surprising, some controversial and some not so controversial. When I thought about all this, I couldn’t but feel that these stories need to be told and should be told in their own words.

Hence, I present “Cross-roads” – a guest column series where some of my very good friends will write about the career cross-roads that they faced and what decisions they took and why they took it. I hope you will find this as interesting and exciting as I have found it in presenting it.

All the best for all your decisions when you come forth different career “Cross-roads”.

— Thyaga


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