Tough to believe

Sometimes I wonder whether I am still dreaming – need to pinch myself to believe India’s performance. They have won 4 1-dayers in a row and that too against the world’s second best team. Amazing performance indeed. Some of the reasons that I think could be helping:

  1. The Chappel Way – ever since he arrived in India, Chappel has been propogating the Chappel way. It is a little complicated to understand but hey! it might be working.
  2. Return of Sachin Tendulkar – no doubts about that : he is the talisman for the Indian cricket team. His return to his aggressive self is an indicator that he is fresh, raring to go and ready to take on the world – opposition BEWARE !
  3. Young fresh faces ready to take on the world – the Dhonis, Yadavs, Rainas, Raos are showing maturity beyond their experience. Also, the old guns such as Agarkar are also firing.

    Dhoni’s “Milky Ways” are proving too much for Sri Lanka.

  4. Good leadership – Dravid has lead by example by not allowing his batting to be affected. This helps to maintain the morale and the confidence of the team.

Whatever be the reason, hopefully India can continue its winning run.

Go India Go !

— T


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