India Diaries – Miffed with Jet Airways

I always believed that Jet Airways was one of the better airlines to travel within India. However, a couple of experiences this time have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Firstly, when I boarded the flight from Delhi to Trivandrum, everything went off quite smoothly. As expected, they enquired about the excess baggage but then after informing them that I was an international flight passenger, they allowed the package to enter. In fact, this is normally always the case whenever I have to go to Trivandrum for business. However, when I arrived in Mumbai, the first signs of chaos and confusion struck me. Initially they told all passengers that the same flight would go to Trivandrum (as should have been the case) and so, we didn’t need to disembark. However, after a short while, they suddenly came into the flight and hurriedly took us out of the flight and whisked us away to another terminal, which meant, another security check, another frisking, more hassles etc. Then I came to know that the flight from Mumbai was 2 hours delayed. At first, I couldn’t believe my ears – I landed on the same flight from Delhi and it was dot on time. So, why the 2 hour delay to go to Trivandrum – fill in petrol, fill in food and you are on your way, right? WRONG! – I went to the lady at the counter and asked her why the flight was delayed. She told me that the flight from Delhi had not arrived because of “dew”. I told her that I came on the same flight and it was right on time, she obviously appeared a little flustered and embarrassed. Anyway, I knew it was no pointing fighting about these things, especially when they happen in India. But I was surprised that it had happened with Jet Airways.

When I was returning from Trivandrum, I went to the check-in counter and that started a real nightmare for me. Firstly, they said that the flight was delayed for 2 hours (reason unknown) and so, I wouldn’t be able to catch the 4:40 flight from Mumbai. Instead, I would have to catch the 7:05 flight from Mumbai. As if that was not enough, they then told me that my baggage was over-weight. As usual, I took my Singapore Airlines ticket and showed it to them. But they said that the domestic airlines ticket was bought at a discount and so, they could not do what I asked for. When I said that I just came from Delhi using the same excuse, they said something like that Delhi employees probably paid it for me!!! – I was just a little perplexed and shocked, to say the least. Anyway, in the end, I had to shell out Rs 2400 for the excess baggage. I am not complaining that they made me pay – what I feel bad about is that they never mentioned it in Delhi. So, the same airline has 2 different rules in 2 different airports. What should a traveler then feel – obviously miffed! I have filed a complaint against this to Jet Airways – hopefully, something good will come out of this.

So, for people who are doing domestic travel in the midst of their international travel in
India, PLEASE do confirm with your travel agent what the baggage regulation is for domestic travel for your ticket.



2 Responses

  1. was reading about the excess baggage things you said. I asked my agent and they didnt know the rates. So how many kgs did you have in excess that you had to pay 2400 rs? im going to travel this week and have bought a local ticket between bby & cbe. – madhu.

  2. I think, their charges were around Rs 500 a Kg. So, it must have been in excess by 5 kgs.


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