India Diaries – New Year in Kolkata

It was great to celebrate New Year’s in Kolkata this time. Sandeep had also come down from Delhi and so, the evening promised to be exciting. We first met up with Debasish at Barista and then headed for dinner along with Sandeep to Waldorf at Park Street (actually Little Russel Street). After dinner, it was time to hit the discotheque – Sandeep managed to sneak us all in into Someplace Else, the discotheque at the Park Hotel. We were also joined by Sharbonti, Sandeep’s “just good friend” and Baija and his wife Somdutta. The band that was playing was good but I don’t think, it was the best that i had heard. But then, who cared 🙂 – the idea was to rock and have fun.

We stayed on till clock struck 12 and then bid all of them good bye. When we came out, I was just shocked to see the streets still thronged with people – it was just an amazing sight. We managed to catch a cab somehow and we were home by 12:45. It was a pretty interesting New Year’s that I spent and I shall cherish the memories for a long time. Here are some snaps from that evening – enjoy them.

Happy New Year to all !

— Thyaga


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