Avoiding the 237 Freeway

The freeway 237 runs from Milpitas to Mountain View. Since my house is in Milpitas and office in Mountain View, it is natural that I take this freeway to come to office. However, there is always a bit of congestion at the entry point of 237 because of the 880, Zanker Road and North First Street merges. As a result of which, it takes me a good 10-15 mins to cross the clogged area and I reach office in around 20-25 mins. Susmita’s office is also off the 237 highway and so, she also takes that.

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Today, Susmita and I took a different route. We took Tasman from our house (next block) and then I caught the 237 at North First Street, crossing the Cisco campus, thereby leaving the clogged area behind. Susmita took Tasman all the way to Great America Parkway to reach her Intel office. I reached my office in 16 minutes – which is a major improvement over the 20-25 minutes that it normally takes me. Hopefully our luck will hold for sometime – shall post if there is a change of opinion :).



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