Saurav’s chance of salvation


In a short while, the 2nd day’s play of the 3rd test match between India and Pakistan at Karachi will begin. After all the action on the 1st day, it remains to be seen how the Indian batting line-up will survive the hostilities of the Pakistan bowling attack. Shoaib is just steaming up a few notches higher than he normally bowls, Asif is accurate, Razzaq is probing and so it will be a good test of nerves and attrition for the remaining Indian batsmen.

That brings me to one of the current overnight batsman – Saurav Ganguly. In the team for the 1-dayer announced yesterday, he does not figure in the 15. In other words, after this test, he will be heading home and probably, people will soon forget about him. Right now, he has the perfect platform to play an innings that people will remember for life – he has been India’s most successful captain and he deserves to retire more gracefully. The past few months have been horrible for him and so, he would like to conjure up some magic to show that he still has something left in him to fight. But it won’t be easy – the Pakistanis will give nothing away. This makes for some absorbing contest indeed. My money is on Saurav to go all out and play a terrific innings – but then, that may also be as a result of my bias for India. No matter what happens, it is going to be a terrific day of cricket – something, that we all have been waiting for in the last couple of weeks.

Let the action begin!

— Thyaga


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