Cricket Live Telecast through SGStream

For the 1st 1-day internation between India and Pakistan at Peshawar, I took the live telecast from SGStream for $10.00. Initially, I was a little wary of this because the website does not clearly give details about the match and the telecast rights. However, I just decided to take the risk and go on with it.

In the past, I had taken live telecasts on the Internet from or EchoStar MediaZone, which is the online arm of Dish Network. However, these sites do not offer registration on a piece-meal fashion:). You either have to buy the whole package or nothing at all. So, if you want to take the telecast for only 1 1-dayer, then you cannot take it :). As such, SGStream was definitely a very tempting option.

After seeing the match through SGStream, I am really really impressed with the quality – it was very good and highly comparable with the other sites that I have seen from. So, that begs a couple of questions from me – firstly, how are they making money? (more appropriately, what is their upfront cost and investment ?) and secondly, is this legal ? (more appropriately, is this a violation of copyright laws?). If any of you know about these, then please do leave me a comment – I would appreciate it a lot.

Cheers and don’t forget to catch the next match live at SGStream :).

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One Response

  1. Thyaga,

    This is illegal for sure. I have been using sgstream for a while. No laws in singapore that govern content rights via the internet.

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