How to use SGStream

In one of my earlier Blogs, I had talked about SGStream. Reading the Blog, one of my friends asked me how to register for an event at SGStream. Actually, my friend was right – the site does look a little “shady” and it is impossible to register without knowing the process. So, here is the summary of steps to be taken:

(1). Go to

(2). Click on the Events Link

(3). Enter the place where the match is being held. For example, for the 4th 1-dayer between India and Pakistan tonight at Multan, enter the word “Multan” in the Search Box and then click on Search.

(4). The match details will come up ($10.00) – select the match and then follow the instructions for registration.


— Thyaga

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the instructions, but at this point, entering ‘Nagpur’ does not bring up anything. Maybe I need to check later today?

  2. try indpak

    however these guys took my 60 bucks and I am still to get access (after 1 full day).. I didnt have problems with the earlier series.. hope this gets resolved

  3. I meant indeng.. not indpak

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