India win the 1-day series

India have won the 1-day series over Pakistan, defeating them by 5 wickets in the 4th 1-dayer at Multan. I think, this is a great win because it just shows how much improvement India has made in the 1-day arena in the last year or so. It is a time to just relax and enjoy this moment and to congratulate the Indian team for a terrific job.

Go Team India Go !


How to use SGStream

In one of my earlier Blogs, I had talked about SGStream. Reading the Blog, one of my friends asked me how to register for an event at SGStream. Actually, my friend was right – the site does look a little “shady” and it is impossible to register without knowing the process. So, here is the summary of steps to be taken:

(1). Go to

(2). Click on the Events Link

(3). Enter the place where the match is being held. For example, for the 4th 1-dayer between India and Pakistan tonight at Multan, enter the word “Multan” in the Search Box and then click on Search.

(4). The match details will come up ($10.00) – select the match and then follow the instructions for registration.


— Thyaga

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Nice Blog …

I found a very nice Blog article on Sachin’s batting in the 3rd 1-dayer at Lahore. Hopefully, Sachin shall carry on his purple patch.

Go Sachin !

— Thyaga

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India in the U-19 Cricket World Cup Final

While India Seniors are battling it out across the border, our India U-19 Cricket team has advanced to the U-19 World Cup Final. You might wonder why this tournament is so important – it is important because the previous editions of these tournaments have produced players such as Yuvraj, Kaif, Dhoni and Pathan. Some huge prospects from this year’s tournament are – Pujara (great opening prospect), Piyush Chawla (perfect Kumble replacement – he is the guy who got Sachin bowled by a Googly in the Irani Trophy) and G.Dhiman (Flintoff clone – can open the batting and bowling).

Hoping for the best !


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Amazing stuff at the Winter Olympics, 2006

If you thought that miracles and fairy tales exist only in fiction, then think again. Also, if you think that Chinese know only how to manufacture and provide low-cost labor, then also think again. Here is a story of a Chinese ice-skater participating in the Winter Olympics and her courage is simply something to be inspired by. As they say, you can’t judge one’s character by his/her fall – you should judge a character by how fast he/she rises.

Amazing stuff indeed!

— Thyaga

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Cricket Live Telecast through SGStream

For the 1st 1-day internation between India and Pakistan at Peshawar, I took the live telecast from SGStream for $10.00. Initially, I was a little wary of this because the website does not clearly give details about the match and the telecast rights. However, I just decided to take the risk and go on with it.

In the past, I had taken live telecasts on the Internet from or EchoStar MediaZone, which is the online arm of Dish Network. However, these sites do not offer registration on a piece-meal fashion:). You either have to buy the whole package or nothing at all. So, if you want to take the telecast for only 1 1-dayer, then you cannot take it :). As such, SGStream was definitely a very tempting option.

After seeing the match through SGStream, I am really really impressed with the quality – it was very good and highly comparable with the other sites that I have seen from. So, that begs a couple of questions from me – firstly, how are they making money? (more appropriately, what is their upfront cost and investment ?) and secondly, is this legal ? (more appropriately, is this a violation of copyright laws?). If any of you know about these, then please do leave me a comment – I would appreciate it a lot.

Cheers and don’t forget to catch the next match live at SGStream :).

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A Tree can a save a life

Next time, you need to tell that to someone, show them this video

A Rally car spectator’s life is saved by a well placed tree. After that he should become the spokesman for Earth Day and just wander the earth planting trees everywhere he goes. Or just stop standing on the sidelines of 100 MPH car races…either way :).