Diego Maradona at his best

I am not a great soccer fan (mainly because I cannot play it well :)) but I am huge fan of Maradona and his amazing control over the ball. Watch this montage and look at the way he manages to control the ball – truly amazing.


Message from a friend

Here is a message from my friend Asim Suter – it is amazing what Avijit Chakraborty is trying to achieve. Please do read and see if you can help in any way:


Dear Friends,

Please read this article

“Avijit Chakraborty, 35, started his journey late last March and plans to visit 62 countries and bike 64,000 kilometers by November”. Chakraborty is 7,850 kilometers and 25 countries toward his goal and leaves behind his wife, Arundhati, and 4-year-old daughter, Ahana. (more…) He has already circumnavigated the world once in 1999-2000 on bicycle. This
is his second time (more…).

Right now as I type this person is headed for San Jose enroute LA to Mexico from Seattle.I came to know about him from a friend of mine in Seattle today only. He needs a few things to continue:

1) Shelter in San Jose for few days – he needs to get visas done in SF – [That’s mine πŸ™‚ He’ll be staying with us as long he can, time is precious for him, he is targetting the Guinness Record ]

2) Funds – He is self sponsored and has sustained on charity so far. He has been supporting himself by staying the nights at police stations or temples/gurdwaras..or a tent that he carries with him [ what I judged from talking to him is that he needs as much as possible – he still has a long way to go ]

3) Press coverage.[ What does it take to get a coverage in San Jose Mercury News or SF Chronicle ? ]

4) If you have friends who can help him in LA and beyond ( Mexico and South America)Please let me know if you can help with ideas and/or money.

If you can help by donating money please contact me. I’ll personally collect it and hand over to him When he is in San Jose. He is expected to be in San Jose sometime around April 05/06.

Asim Suter
408-8025930 ( Cell and OK to call anytime sane)


Seth Godin Video

Here is a nice video of Seth Godin speaking at Googleplex – it deals with the Internet marketing strategies at Google and he also talks about his latest book – “All Marketers are Liars” !


Visit to the Cache Creek Resort & Casino

Yesterday, we went to the Cache Creek Resort & Casino at Brooks, CA. Firstly, the feeling that we were going to visit a place after so many days itself was reason enough to get us excited. Secondly, the drive to the resort was actually quite beautiful – the road took us through lush green mountains and vineyards and all this made us feel even more relaxed.

Cache Creek is an interesting combination of luxury hotel and winery and resort and casino. In short, it has everything that one needs for a relaxing time. Anyway, we went in and then first had lunch at a Chinese restaurant inside the resort. We were hungry and probably, that was one reason why the food felt tastier than it was :). Anyway, after that we decided to try our luck at the casino. We played slot-machines, more slot machines and finally tried our hand at the black-jack table. The summary of the casino trip was that we ended up losing $60 once again re-emphasizing the fact that the house always win πŸ™‚

On the way back, we met up with Chetan at Sacramento, had a pretty decent bhaat and then came back home. All in all, it was a good trip – we had a good time (although we lost money 😦 ). So, if you are in the Bay Area and looking for a weekend getaway, do pencil in Cache Creek Resort – its not as grandeur as Las Vegas but definitely it is worth a visit.



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Thailand & Malaysia – the next homes for Bollywood

Have you noticed how many movies get made in South-East Asia nowadays – with Thailand and Malaysia leading the pack. The trend seems to have picked up steam ever since the release of Mahesh Bhatt produced Murder, which was exclusively made there. Now, every 3rd or 4th movie that we watch is either made there or has them as the “outdoor” shooting venues – e.g. Murder, Ek Ajnabi, Family, _most_Mahesh_Bhatt_movies etc. Only the elite few such as Yash Chopra still prefer Switzerland for its locales and romanticism.

One possible reason for this trend is the increase in low-budget, decent story, racy thrillers in Bollywood (Ek Ajnabi, Zeher, Kalyug). Gone are the times when film-makers took years to make movies. In this day and age, the producers want a quick bang for their buck and that is what Thailand and Malaysia provide them with. Excellent locales, efficient crew and most importantly, privacy to work without being mobbed by the crowd. No wonder, the producers and directors love it.

Be prepared to see more and more of these places in the coming movies. Don’t complain because I have already warned you :).

— Thyaga

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The callto:// syntax

Yesterday, I discovered something quite funky. Just like <a href=”mailto://” is the syntax for invoking a mail application from the Web page, it seems you can do the same for invoking a Skype call and also Yahoo Messenger from the Web Page.

So, if you want to Skype me, then you click on this

If you want to Yahoo! IM me, then you click on this

Pretty nifty, eh?


End of the Winter Quarter

The Winter Quarter came to an end yesterday and boy!, this Quarter was indeed really tough. Actually, we didn’t realize it untill it was too late. I really do not know how we spent the last 2 weeks of this Quarter – I always felt that there was always more things to do and less time on hand. Here is a sample itenary πŸ™‚

  1. Friday Night – Preparing for the “special” Class on Saturday for the Social Entrepreneurship class
  2. Saturday – Spent 8 hours attending the class
  3. Saturday evening – started the actual study for the Finance exam on Monday
  4. Sunday – studying for the Fianance exam on Monday
  5. Monday – Finance exam
  6. Tuesday – preparing the 2 page write-up for the Marketing critique paper
  7. Wednesday – Marketing case presentations and critique paper presentation
  8. Thursday – head is swirling like a bazooka! πŸ™‚

Some things don’t come easy in life πŸ™‚ – anyway, it is over and so, we are just going to chill out. Oh yes, did I say that we have 2 papers due next Thursday as well πŸ™‚ – but that seems so far away – ha ha.

— Thyaga

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