Google’s neat marketing trick

As many of you know, Microsoft recently released the IE 7 beta version. Amongst the many enhancements, one of the most important ones is the ability for Tabbed Browsing, a feature that was made popular by the Firefox browser and which people have started to just love universally. What this meant was that Google, a firm supporter of Firefox (and anything anti-Microsoft :)), came up with a neat Marketing trick, which I found out today by accident.

To find the impact of this trick, you need to do the following:

In IE, visit – you will see the home page with a little image that promotes the Tabbed Browsing and Security features in Firefox.

Google Home Page using IE (April 28th, 2006)

On the other hand, open up your Firefox and visit – you will see no such image.

Google Home Page using Firefox (April 28th, 2006)

I thought that it was indeed a very good Marketing trick – most people who use IE may get vowed by the tabbed browsing feature that was already present in Firefox. So, when they visit Google for searching, they would be presented with this neat little message which talks about that and also emphasizes that it is more secure.

Lets see how this works out – this is going to be fun. What do you think? – leave me a note.


Santa Cruz Half Marathon – April 2006

Last weekend, I ran the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. Although, I had not trained a lot for this, I was confident that I would be able to complete it. The challenge then was that how much was I going to struggle to complete. As I told my wife a few days before the race – as long as the weather was cloudy and the sun did not show up, I would do fine. I dehydrate very fast and so, the difficulty level for the race just adds up (I realized this while running the Jungle Run Half Marathon last year).

Anyway, we got up early at 5:00 am and then started off at 5:30 because Santa Cruz was a little far away and I had a feeling that we might run into some traffic. Also, I had to pick up the registration tag at the starting point. We reached around 6:20, got the registration tag and I was then all set for the race. I looked up at the sky and I was so pleased to see it nice and cloudy :). Actually, the trail was beautiful – it was along the cliffs of the Pacific coast and so, one could forget about the pains and enjoy the beauty (ya right!)

The race started on time and we were on our way along the coast. It was indeed a pretty site – I looked at the houses there which overlooked the ocean and wondered that it must cost a fortune, looked at the old lady next to me, who had water strapped all over her waist but was running faster than any teenager, I was looking at the enthusiasm amongs the people who were running and it just inspired me to keep going. I took a Gu packet around the 4 mile mark and kept the pack with me till the very end of the race. After the 4 mile mark, we entered a ranch and this was a pretty interesting trail – it took us through stables, unpaved roads, sharp cliffs with exquisite scenery and then back to the main road around the 9 mile mark. Throughout the trail, I faced 4 really steep uphills. I managed to cover the first 3 quite easily but I really struggled on the 4th one. But with a lot of courage and determination and getting inspired by people around me, I managed to cover that. I slowed down quite a bit in the last couple of miles probably knowing that the end was right around the corner. Of course, I was tired too :). At this point, I saw a man old enough to be my grandpa chugging along and going past me – I thought that I should stop and give him a salute – amazing sight indeed!

I finished the race in 2:20 mins – the pleasant site of my wife waiting for me was worth more than millions! Vinay, Jyoti and Tiya also joined us later for brunch and after a heavy brunch, we all returned home.

All in all, it was a great run – highly recommended indeed.


Happy Birthday Tendliya

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SACHIN ! – May this year see you break more records and crush more opponents. Go make it a great year!

A quick comment from the God himself yesterday:

“It really surprises me – you are so consistent and I’m not”
Sachin Tendulkar, on his 33rd birthday, thanks mediapersons for their unwavering love and affection


New Intel – Apple Ad

— Thyaga

Google’s Recommendation Engine

Today, i accidentally realized the power of gathering user data. I use Google for searching (who doesn’t :)) . Of late, I have been doing a bit of research on Google APIs and AJAX techonology. Today, I went to the Google Groups site to join one of the groups and guess what! – based upon what I had searched, it had some recommendations for me which were SPOT ON!

Google Groups’ Recommendations on which group to join were perfect!

I was amazed by the power of technology and the improvement in Search Recommendation Engines over the last few years – truly the Web 2.0 is coming together? ;-)What do u think? – leave a note – shall try to respond.

— Thyaga

Jajah – a new way to talk … over the Internet

At first, when I heard about Jajah, I couldn’t believe it. This was a company that was offering a unique way to connect telephones over the Internet and this did not require any software downloads (Skype) or hardware installation (Vonage). This required that the user had broadband internet access and had a telephone – landline or mobile. It was as simple as that. I was wondering how this would work and as I kept reading their FAQs, I realized that what they do is actually neat. And as expected, they are cheaper than other VOIP providers currently in the market.

So, this is how it works – you go to Jajah’s website, enter your telephone number, enter your destination telephone number and then click on Call. After a moment, your phone will rin and then the destination phone will ring and you will be connected to the other phone over the Internet. Extra software and hardware is not necessary because it is the Jajah server that is actually making the call from the Internet to your phone and connecting you to the other phone. As such, you don’t need to worry about any firewall or proxy issues on your computer. Here is a detailed server architecture blog for the really interested folks.

I think, the idea is simple yet very powerful. I am yet to use this but those who have, swear that the quality is absolutely wonderful. No wonder that it is one of the fastest growing and hottest Internet companies around. As my Entrepreneurship professor would aptly put it – this is an example of “disruptive technology”. This might be worse than existing services currently but it also has its advantages. Over time, the “worse part” will go away and it will soon rival the existing players. Got the idea?

If any of you have checked this out, leave me a note.



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Blogosphere Doubles Every Six Months …

According to the latest report from Technoratti, the Blogosphere doubles every six months – read the report. Here is a pretty neat visual showing the number of Blogs along with events that trigger it:

Amazing indeed.

— Thyaga