Ajax – a new fad or a design paradigm

It has been more than 1 year since Jesse Garrett, co-founder of San Francisco consultancy Adaptive Path, coined the acronym AJAX to promote the idea of using “Asynchronous JavaScript + XML” as a way of building Web applications with freely available technologies. This is the technology that is being used in “cool” web applications such as Google Maps, GMail etc and since Google was leading the revolution, it was time to take notice. But that begs the question – is AJAX new? – definitely not. So what’s so cool about AJAX? – well, it uses existing technology and helps you to design your web applications so that it can be made faster e.g. no more server hits when a user is interacting with your server – when the user clicks on the web page, the normal behavior would be to go back to the server and churn some scripts and then return the results back. Not any more – most of the processing is done on the client browser with the server being informed “Asynchronously” – this makes the web application to appear faster to the user increasing the user’s experience dramatically.

This is all part of the new wave of web applications called Web 2.0 – or the “rebirth” of Internet technology companies. Hopefully, this time the boom will be based on some “substantial” technology – only time can say.



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