Some Web 2.0 companies

Yesterday, we had a discussion about Web 2.0 in our Internet Marketing class – here is a list of companies that people came up with – some of them are interesting and I think will be successful in future (most likely will get acquired).

(1). Riya – Photo search and facial recognition site : This is one step ahead of Flickr – here, the photos can be tagged automatically thanks to the patented facial recognition technology

(2). Redfin – Seattle based realtor site which is a mashup using Google Maps – here, you can buy and sell property. Another company in the same space is Housingmaps – a mashup on Craigslist and Google Maps.

(3). Prosper – This is an E-Bay like model that brings “lenders” and “borrowers” together – of course, the lenders would come there because they can earn a higher interest rate. Borrowers come here because their credit scores are low and so cannot get loans from banks – this is what I find a little difficult to accept in this model.

(4). This is an online storage site which acts as an extension of your hard disk – gives up to 1 GB Free

(5). Pandora – This is a music personalization and recommendation engine – this learns about your tastes in music – what type of music, what type of voice, what genre of music you like to hear and then offers recommendations for you to hear on the web. If you like the song, you can buy it at Amazon / ITunes.

(6). Runningmap – Another mashup that helps you to find out the distance of your run.

(7). Edgeio – This pulls classified listings using RSS in different websites and shows it under the same site. This is one of the ventures of the Techcrunch guy – Michael Arrington.

(8). This is a C-2-B company where users can upload their photographs and companies (media companies, marketing department in companies etc) can buy them for a specific prize.

(9). – Here people can find contractors who are rated by the people who use their service. Obviously, it makes more sense for contractors to do well and have higher recommendations.

Check out some of these sites – it is interesting how the Web is involved – it is probably coming to a phase where you can monetize the web. What do u think?

— Thyaga


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  1. Great! Thanks for your list

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