Brazil 2 Australia 0 – Brazil still struggling

I saw the Brazil versus Australia match over the weekend and yes, I feel good that Brazil won and NO! – I don’t feel good in the manner by which they won.

  1. Ronaldo is still struggling – although his move was vital for the first goal (scored by Adriano), I still think that he is far from his best. On the other hand, his substitution Robinho was fast, energetic, young and easily ruffling the Aussie defenders
  2. Ronaldinho seemed to be off-color – for some weird reason he was off-color. He did show flashes of his brilliance on and of, but he was far from his best. I think, the pressure might be getting to him now – probably, he is one who can play better without too much of pressure. Whatever be the reason, they need to fix that issue soon.
  3. Dida was good but not great – Dida, one of the stars of the first game, made an attrocious mistake of not being able to collect a ball properly and it went straight to an Aussie striker. Luckily for Dida and for Brazil, it wasn’t a fatal problem.
  4. Brazil need to make some changes in the midfield – they need to pace up the game and probably start off with Robinho to make the early inroads. Once they have the lead, they just go from strength to strength.

— Thyaga


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